Thursday, 11 October 2012

The importance of the right critque

As I look over my latest feedback on the Ondine I cant help but laugh. don't get me wrong I take my writing and feedback seriously and I am aware as much as anyone else that my grammar and punctuation leave a lot to be desired, which is where Lyn comes in. Not only does she check for character, plot holes and continuity she also checks my grammar and punctuation and I will eternally grateful for her help.
Her style of critiquing is brilliant. When I first saw all the red comments I was a daunted and for a moment I was transported back to school. But her comments quickly put me at ease and actually made me laugh.
I think its important to find the right person to critique. For some they may prefer a more straight forward critique with no humour for me though it makes enjoyable and although as I have said  I am serious about my writing if I don't have fun while doing it what's the point.
Maybe as time goes on my grammar and punctuation will get better, though I might have to put intentional mistakes in just to read Lyn's comments ;-)

The important thing is to find the right person for you. I got to know Lyn through the wonders of social media and emails and already knew she had the same sense of humour as me and I am glad it comes through on her feedback. I think that's great advice for anyone wanting someone to critique or Beta make sure first you connect with the person in question so you wont be surprised when the feedback starts coming.

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