Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review: Reflection by Nadia Kim

Jessica Hamid thought she put her past behind her when she finished college. With her dream job in hand she was set. That is, until she started working at Teen Savvy and found herself a true fish out of water. Surrounded by people who looked like models, Jessica began to feel her insecurities rushing to the surface. And everything any mean kid had teased her about slapped her in the face.

With a mean boss and a meaner coworker who scrutinize her down to the color nail polish, Jessica starts to rethink her career choice. To make matters worse the outgoing photographer Mark Craig swoops in with his alluring charm and confuses things even more.

This story is Jessica's journey. The roller coaster of emotions she feels and the difficulties she faces with conflict around every turn. Will she stay and find happiness at her job? Will Mark wiggle his way into her heart, creating a nest of comfort. Or will Jessica's world come bearing down on her and smash her to bits?

My thoughts
Reading this blurb you could be forgiven for thinking this would be an office romance book, but this is so much more. I already knew from the author that this book had a fantasy element although there is no indication to that in the blurb. To begin with I did wonder about what the fantasy element would be. Then Jess started having very vivid dreams and just like that I was hooked.

Jess is an insecure young woman who as had a life time of ridicule she then lands a job working for teen savvy, although its her dream job her insecurities resurface as she as to spend each day been looked down at by her boss and colleagues  when Mark Craig shows interest in her she is reluctant to let her guard down and trust him. He spends his days around models, what would he want with Jessica?

Her insecurities put her in more danger than she could ever imagine. even sleeping is dangerous. Jessica is a dream walker. her soul astral projects to an alternate universe while she sleeps. it is here she mets Angela and quickly forms a bond with her, but Angela warns her how much danger she is in. Jess needs to mend her soul if she is going to be able to save herself.

A compelling read, with characters I could empathise with demons that where truly terrifying and a guy that made me want to swoon oh and not forgetting the hot Italian  I really enjoyed this story, very different to a lot of the fantasy books I have read lately. the end left me wondering if they will be a book two, if there is I will definitely be reading it.

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