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The Ondine
currently writing on chapter 14 and chapter 2 been critiqued

Synopsis to come

currently editing
This was my Nanowrimo from last November, it as taken me 6months but I finally feel ready to go back to it a begin to edit.
Land loving mermaid Aziria knows she will face many challenges when she she decides to leave the sea and live on earth but she doesn't realise she will have dangers to face from those who believe the legend of forest falls and are determined to eradicate mermaids, especially from a young man who believes her species is to blame for the death of his family members and will stop at nothing to expose her then be rid of her. Together with her new friends Aziria will have to fight for herself and her people to save her race and other supernatural beings.


loudmouth said...

I advise that you spice up your synopsis for 'Graffiti'. Maybe start talking about Tally and then explain her role in this prophecy. It has to stand out so that it doesn't sound like Harry Potter or something. What makes your story original?

lisa said...

Thanks I have been so focused on writing I have neglected this page. but you are right I will work on that. :)