Saturday, 27 October 2012

Review; The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers

Seventeen year old Aaron stumbles into the aftermath of a five million dollar bank heist gone wrong. Hiding under a canoe, Aaron partially catches the murder of one of the robbers. In the chaos he sneaks away with the money and heads straight for the closest place of safety, his high school. Terrified, Aaron tells his shocking tale to Amanda Becker, his drama teacher, but it doesn't take long for one of the psychotic robbers to show up. In the locked down school the pair are relentlessly pursued in a quest to get the money back and wipe out the evidence.

My Thoughts
The Pineville Heist was an action packed mystery from start to finish. Just when I thought I had figured out the plot and the "who done it", I was thrown a curve ball that had me guessing and second guessing all over again. Brilliant.

Aaron was a typical teenage boy going about his daily life, he was lucky that he came from such a wealthy family but unlucky that his father was too busy bothering with his business to even care about Aaron. despite the wealth Aaron was level headed and despised his father for reasons that are clear in the book.

When Aaron stumbles upon a bank robbery he quickly needs to learn how to out smart his would be killers and stay alive not only does he need to protect his own life but that of his drama teacher  Amanda Becker too. unable to call for help as the the school is a no cell phone area there only choice is to fight there way out.

Aaron grew from a boy to man in this book as he fought against the robbers who wanted the money back and all evidence gone. That included Aaron, as long as Aaron knew what was going on he was threat and would need to be dealt with.

The characters were well developed, especially Aaron who I felt I really got to know and understand. 

A brilliant read by Lee Chambers and I am excited to hear this is going to be turned into a movie staring Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater from twilight) I cant wait to see how it translates to the big screen. if the book is anything to go by it will hit at the cinema

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