Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Devil's Serum (Ramblings of the Damned Book #1) by Ashliegh Wolfgang

When Christian met the girl that would become the love of his life, he thought it was the most amazing thing that could ever happen. It wasn't even close to the most amazing thing that happened that day. Christian discovers he has become immortal after drinking from a mysterious silver flask. Is this a gift or a curse?

My thoughts 
The devils serum is a short story and reads like a journal, so the reader is thrown straight into Christians mind. His hopes, His fears, and above all his love for Corrine. 
Its easy to understand Christian and what makes him tick and understands the decisions he makes.

I especially enjoyed reading his fears about becoming immortal and the despair he felt over what would become of him, the story reading as a journal definitely help me understand all this better  I would like to have known more about what Corrine thought of him being immortal but then this book was about Christian not Corrine

Ashliegh does a brilliant job at bringing Christian to life, and kept me turning page after page, I read this is one day as I couldn't put it down, I found myself finding hiding places so I could read undisturbed  

A great short read and I am looking forward to reading the devils folly

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