Saturday, 6 October 2012

Seeds of change

As autumn is upon us and the leaves are changing from luscious green to burnt orange, rusty red and yellow it appears there are not the only changes happening in my life.
The biggest change although perhaps not too interesting to you is my son starting Pre school. I know this may only be exciting/nerve wrecking to me but it doesn't seem two minutes since I was running down the street to see my best friend waving a stick with a blue line on it. I did at least tell my partner first but hey, it was exciting moment and now well it feels like I blinked and he grew up. Of course this now means I have to work more hours as I have no reason to stay home now.

the other change is the title to my current WIP. I originally named it graffiti only because it was graffiti that gave me the inspiration. It as taken me a while but I have finally settled on a new name. are you ready.....

The Ondine is now the title of my WIP

Right I've said it now so I cant change it. I now just need to work on my synopsis as the one I originally wrote isn't quite what the story is about any more but I cant change everything at once. I will work on that while the lovely Lyn from the sunny side of the street blog is doing the critique for me.


Marilyn Almodovar said...

I can attest to The Ondine being AWESOME! not only an awesome title but also an awesome story. I can't wait to see what else is in store!!

lisa said...

Aww thanks Lyn. you will be finding out soon when I send you the next chapter.