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Review For Gifted By Annalise Hulse

Review For Gifted
By Annalise Hulse

What really happens when we die?
It wasn't a question that seventeen year old Evangeline Devine - Evie to her friends - had ever thought about much. There was no reason why she should - her life on the small island of Jersey with her family and best friend Seth was untouched by tragedy, idyllic even.
Until the day that Evie nearly dies herself. When Seth pulls her from the watery depths that nearly claim her life, Evie is no longer the carefree girl she was. For now she is the recipient of an unwelcome supernatural gift. Now the dead are all around and impossible to ignore.
But when someone close to her dies mysteriously, Evie is forced to embrace her new power, for she may be the only one that can prove that it was no accident. Someone is getting away with murder.
With only the spirit world for guidance, Evie sets out to uncover the truth and find the vital evidence she needs to get the case re-opened.Soon she finds herself torn between her feelings for best friend Seth, who she's begun to see in a whole new light since he saved her life, and the powerfully charismatic Piers Du Pont, who she finds herself inexplicably drawn to, even though he might just be the killer that she seeks.
As events unfold, dark secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested to their limits and Evie discovers that the path that Fate has chosen for her is more terrifying than she ever could have imagined.
Life, should she survive, will never be the same again..........

"Gifted" is the first installment in The Evangeline Devine Series, a supernatural suspense quadrilogy suitable for ages 12 and upwards

My Thoughts

Wow, where do I begin. I feel like I have been on such an emotional roller-coaster. Evie was such a well written character and I liked her instantly and felt connected to her, every emotion she went through I was right there along side her I felt her fear and happiness as if it was my own.

Just when I thought I had the whole thing figured out and I thought I had guessed who was behind the murder the author throws a curve ball that leaves you reeling. I though I had figured it out twice before the truth was finally revealed and wow, what a moment that was. 

I loved Evie she was a well adjusted teenager and I felt the author did such a ggod job at giving Evie a teenage voice. Evie's gift may have been unexpected but she soon accepts it when she realises that she could be the only one who could find out the truth of the murders so putting her own fears aside she sets out to uncover the truth. which is what Evie does, she always puts others before herself and I loved her for it

Seth may well be my new boy book crush, and I really liked that we got to see some of the story from his Pov 

My other favourite character was Esther, her story had my heartbreaking and she was such a lovely character I really enjoyed finding out about her and hearing about her life

This book in my opinion as it all, ghosts a supernatural element, romance, hot guys (What more could a girl ask for)and strong characters. 

I will definitely be adding the next instalment to my to read list. A brilliant read. I loved it. 

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