Monday, 16 July 2012

Review For The Nightmare Stone By Finian Black

Review For The Nightmare Stone
By Finian Black

The ultimate lucky break gives John Harris and his family the opportunity to fulfill their wildest dreams. But all dreams have a darker side, and John's past is never far away, ready to reach through to cast its shadow.
One hundred years ago, their new home was the scene for strange events that cannot easily be explained.
As John feels his past draw ever nearer, he knows that he must face up to his deepest fears if he is to prevent history repeating itself.
And as the past and present collide, a force beyond his control or comprehension is looking for one, final battle.

My Thoughts

I loved this book so much and I know I will be reading it again something that I don't often do I have very few books on my To read over and over again shelf but this will be one of them. not only that it is the first ghost/horror story to be put there

I loved how the author put a new twist on the beloved children's character peter pan, it worked so well with this story I am not sure I will ever be able to read peter pan to my son in the same way again. haha. 

I really felt a real connection and empathy with the characters and the descriptions of the house and surroundings were well written and whether the story was told in the present day or the past it flowed seamlessly the author as clearly done his research. 

the twists and turns kept me guessing through out I never once figured it out before I was told despite my best efforts. I went through many different emotions while reading I would advise tissues for anyone who reads it.

A brilliant well thought out chilling read that will make me question every shadow I see from now on and I look forward to reading more from this author

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