Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Goodbye Chris

I am going to take a break on my usual posts to express how gutted I am that Chris Moyles as announced he will be wrapping up the breakfast show, and yes I know to many of you, you will be thinking its just a radio show but for me its so much more, every morning I drag my sulky behind out of bed ready for another day at work, I sulk all the way to work until 6.30 when I can put my earphone in and I hear the open bars of the cheesy song and then I am transformed the banter and the naturalness between the whole time is unique and makes you feel like ytou are listening in on someones convesation. for 3 and 1/3 hours everyday Chris and the team entertain us and occasionlly play some music.
I have often attracted strange looks fom my colleges when I bust into fits of laughter. Today howeve they saw me turn into an emotional wreck as Chris announced that in a couple of months he will be leaving the show.
I know they will be many who don't agree with my feeling on the Chris Moyles and the team, his out outspokenness and honesty can be quiet controversial but I like that, in a world where lies and deceit are part of everyday Chris Moyles is a breath of fresh air I wish Chris and the team, Dave Vitty (Comedy Dave) Aled Jones, Dominic Byrne Tina Daheley Freya Last and Pippa all the best in the future.
This wont be the last we see of Chris and I will watch out for his future work but I will miss hearing him every morning. so with that I would Like to say thank you to the all who work on the Chris Moyles show its been a great 8 and 1/2 years and I will miss you all.

Thank you for baring with me on this post it as been an emotional day for me hearing this news and I needed an outlet, an outlet for me is to write about it hence this post.I Cant count the amount of times Chris as said something that as trigged a story idea I hope Nick Grimshaw will leave up to the task when he takes over.

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