Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Free E-book The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard

Back at the beginning of July I was asked to read and review The Not So secret Emails of Coco Pinchard. You can see by my review how much I loved the book, and now you can too... for free. The lovely author Robert Bryndza as recently cotacted me and and told me that The Not So secret Emails of Coco Pinchard will be free for a limited time.
for today and tomorrow only you can get your copy free here or here

Book Blurb
Coco Pinchard is a successful writer. Her husband Daniel is a self-absorbed musician. Her teenage son Rosencrantz is a wannabe actor and her mother-in-law Ethel is her worst enemy. Thank god she has friends Chris, an ageing trust fund kid and Marika a no-nonsense schoolteacher. 

Over Christmas, Coco realises her marriage is on the rocks and that Daniel is losing interest. He breaks with his tradition of buying her jewellery and instead gets her an iPhone. He also announces he has accepted a job in America without telling her. A few weeks later Coco finds him in bed with a younger woman, she throws him out and gets very drunk. Waking up the next morning on the bathroom floor she realises she is booked to do a radio interview to promote her novel.

Coco still drunk, makes an on-air joke about the head of an influential Television book club. Her novel is withdrawn and pulped. Ethel is evicted from her nursing home and comes to stay and Rosencrantz is held on a drugs charge whilst visiting Daniel in America. Coco reaches rock bottom when The Daily Mail newspaper runs an article about her dysfunctional family.

However, her life is transformed when Angie a fearsome Literary Agent signs her. She also acquires a local allotment, not to grow plants but to get close to Adam, the dashing hunk with the firm produce...

Read the emails, which tell the hilarious heart warming tale of Coco picking up the pieces

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