Saturday, 1 September 2012

Writing update

I have been concentrating a lot on my Graffiti Story lately. I just feel the words flow much better and I am enjoying writing it so much. I have outlined twenty two chapters although these are likely to change. It isn't often I ever stick to an outline but it helps to have a starting point.
I now have a very good author friend who is critique all my work and I have just got the first chapter back *Bites nails*
I am so happy she is so honest and doesn't just say, "yay, that's great" because she doest want to upset me. the points she made have helped a great deal and she pointed out all my grammar mistakes. So I am very happy to have her helping me out. I believe every writer needs a good critique partner there is so much I would probably have missed so now I best go and make some changes and straighten out all my grammar

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