Friday 31 August 2012

A Matter of Degree by Beckie Henderson

Like a bit of romance? Like a bit of mystery? Then "A Matter of Degree" is for you!

When Katherine Valletta starts her new job at Deerhampton University, it’s clear that this is no normal workplace. Why has someone left an anonymous letter on her desk? Who is the arrogant woman who almost runs her down in that flashy sports car? And, most importantly, what is the story behind the handsome man whose arms she falls into on her way home?

As Katherine attempts to unravel these puzzles, her confidence and her self-knowledge grow, along with her relationships. She builds an unlikely friendship with Diana Woolf, Deerhampton’s tough new Professor of History. Fred Morris, the Admissions Tutor with a penchant for gaudy ties and knitted tank tops, seems like a useful ally. While in the midst of all the mayhem, Maddie Rose is a voice of reason, supporting her colleague Katherine all the way.

And in the background hovers sultry Biology Lecturer Chris Burberry. The more Katherine sees him, the more she likes him. But what does he want? What’s in his past? In fact, what does Katherine really know about him at all?

My Thoughts

A light read with a hint of mystery and Romance ideal for a holiday read or just to be transported away from whatever you are doing in your daily life.

The characters were believable and engaging Katherine was smart, witty and in control although not as in control as Diana although like most women she too as a vulnerable side. I enjoyed the friendship between these two women and would have liked to have seen more

Chris was instantly likeable and I loved the romance between him and Katherine.
I loved the who done it story line, I was kept guessing until the reveal although I had a couple of culprits in mind.

This book had me, laughing, crying and eager to read more.

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