Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review, An Illegal President: A Novel by Pat Lawrence

“Strolling toward his minivan with eight-year-old Jack and six-year-old Denise in tow, Congressman Paul Garrett suddenly felt the uncomfortable pressure of something hard being shoved into the small of his back. As he jerked his head to figure out—what the hell—the pressure intensified, and he knew it was hard steel; probably a gun.”

So begins the strangest and most bizarre escapade of Paul Garrett’s life. His mysterious kidnapping triggers an adventure that ultimately catapults him to the brink of capturing the pinnacle of political power: the Presidency of the United States of America.

A powerful and sinister world-wide force is responsible for the diabolical plot that thrusts Paul Garrett into the sweepstakes of presidential politics; but, can he ever hope to uncover who or what is behind the fantastic conspiracy, or even more inexplicably—why? Should he dare dream he can unseat a corrupt, incumbent President determined to be reelected at all costs?

With his life threatened, his children endangered, and his wife terrified, Paul is forced to make life-altering decisions which will forever change his future, his marriage, indeed, his entire existence; and the political future of America hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts

Not my usual choice in Genre but I did enjoy an illegal president and found myself drawn in by the author. Paul Garrett was a likeable character who along side is children Jack and Denise are kidnapped. scared for his life and that of his children he finds himself having to met the kidnappers demands or risk the life of his children.

As Paul finds himself at the heart of the presidential election he is drawn deeper into the sinister political world, as conspiracy's deepen and truths are revealed.

His wife Wendy hates all things to do with politics and this proves to her how dangerous a world politics are.
Who can you really trust when politics are involved?

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