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Interview and giveaway with Robert Bryndza

I am so pleased to be able to share this Interview and give away with you all.
Robert is the author of The Not so secret Emails of Coco Pinchard And Bitch Hollywod. 

You have travelled around quite a bit where is your favourite place?

Right now, it’s Slovakia. It is a beautiful place and the town we live in is magical. I loved the ten years I was in London and the year in America, but Nitra is a mix of everything I love. It has one of the best theatres in the country, parks, restaurants, a cinema and the old town and castle, which we love to visit. It’s only a short drive to the capital Bratislava and Vienna for anything work related, and an even shorter drive and you are in mountainous wilderness.

How much of your writing is based on your own experiences?

Quite a bit, but I find you have to take the essence of an experience and make something new out of it. You can’t just write down real life or it would be rather dull! My first novel The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard had a great deal of me in it, my experiences as a writer. Also, the finale of the book is set at the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve performed three times at the festival– the last time in a play I had written and I wanted to capture the agony and the fun of being there.

My second novel Bitch Hollywood is based on a lot of what actually happened to myself and my partner Ján when we lived in Hollywood – when came back from America and took stock of our year we realised what a crazy time we’d had and what a great story it would make.

You wrote Bitch Hollywood with your partner, how did you find that. Did you get along easily while in the writing process?

We got on better than I thought we would! Writing can be stressful at the best of times and we gave ourselves a crazy deadline when we wrote. I think we began in September last year and we wanted it done by Christmas – we were also writing two books, as the English version took shape Ján was translating it into Slovak. Overall, it was fun – but we often worked fourteen hours a day. It was cold and snowy outside for most of it and there was something very cosy about working together in the warm. We took over Ján’s mum’s living room and sat at opposite ends writing whilst she cooked for us. It was made even more exciting when we sold the Slovak version to a publishing house in early January. The Slovak version came out last February as Mrcha Hollywood and has been a big hit.

What made you decide to be a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I think it was a few years ago when I realised I was constantly thinking about writing, how to describe something I’ve seen or develop an idea. I always thought I wanted to be an actor, and I went to drama school and acted for six or seven years, but nothing tops being a writer.

What advice have you got for other wannabe writers?

Keep writing. Never stop wanting to learn more about your craft, read just as much as you write, and don’t talk about it- do it!

You have released two books The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard and most recently Bitch Hollywood. What's next?

I’ve just started writing the sequel to The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard, Ján has just finished its Slovak translation and it will be published in Slovakia in February next year. Also, we’re just finalising the print-on-demand editions of Bitch Hollywood and The Not So Secret Emails.

Finish this sentence. When I am not writing I am....

Reading and daydreaming.

Robert Bryndza is a British born writer. His books include The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard and Bitch Hollywood.

He currently lives in Slovakia with his Slovak partner Ján. They have been lucky enough to go on many adventures. Their year spent living and working in Los Angeles was the inspiration for Bitch Hollywood which was also a best seller in Slovakia as Mrcha Hollywood.

When he’s not writing or learning Slovak, Rob enjoys rollerblading, cooking, going to the movies and planning the next adventure.

He also writes a blog; A British Guy In Slovakia at

Thank you so much Robert for the interview. Slovakia sounds so beautiful.
Robert as also offered to do a give away of a Kindle edition of Bitch Hollywood to enter just comment below before the 19th september and leave your email address so we can contact the winner. :)

                                             Bitch Hollywood Blurb
Filip, a young Eastern European guy arrives in Los Angeles to follow his dream and become a Stylist to the stars. At first Hollywood is a shock, moving from a down to earth comfortable life in London into the cut-throat world of Tinseltown.

A stroke of luck first meeting leads to a job with fading movie star Veronica Madison. Soon Filip is pulled into the dark and hilarious world she inhabits, surrounded by the famous (and infamous) residents of the Hollywood Hills.

Filip faces a dilemma, should he leave his morals behind and become one of them; rich, successful, corrupt? Or should he choose happiness and return to the love of his life he left back home in London.

Remember, you always have a choice…

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