Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review for The Decalogue By Mark Pettinger

DCI Jonny Priest, fresh from his recent promotion bids a fond farewell to The Metropolitan Police and heads north west for a new challenge with the Greater Manchester Police Force. He is immediately thrown into a murder investigation; a teenager brutally murdered in a nightclub. Priest soon realises that this is not the first murder of its kind in the area, and with a truly sinster pattern emerging, DCI Priest and his team have a race against time to prevent further deaths.

Fresh starts never quite delivering the promises they hold; DCI Priest is met with two elements from his past - one very much welcome, the other tragic and long forgotten. Has he got what it takes to lead and inspire a new team? Can he keep his personal challenges from impacting on his work life ? Can he catch a serial killer before he strikes again? 

My Thoughts
A murder mystery I could really get my teeth into. Not my usual genre but I enjoyed it none the less
more than once I though I had the killer figured out and if not guessed his identity I thought I had figured out his next move but more often than not I guessed wrong, which was great I love to be surprised in a book.

Its not all about murder though, we see the DCI Priest trying to bond with his team while his past creeps up on him and then there is Nicole who is a welcome member to his team.

Priest was a great character not without his faults but man enough to understand them. A strong leader and he is determined to catch the killer. 

The author does a good job of introducing us to the characters at the right time and filling us in on there past so we get a deeper understand of each character and who they were.

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