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Review for Jack Wrimo And The Ori Of Flames By Brad shreffler

Review for Jack Wrimo And The Ori Of Flames
By Brad shreffler

“Ori are a race of beings that are bonded with a natural force present on this planet. When our mother, Earthra, creates a new example of her power, she also creates an Ori to govern that power. I am the Ori of Flame.”

A 15 year old boy, named Jack Wrimo, is an average kid in every sense of the word. He has never been the fastest kid, or the smartest kid, but never the least of them either. That all changes when his family takes a trip to a flea market, and what he finds there changes his life forever.

Jack, along with his ally Pharia, must learn how to control new powers, fight a mysterious evil being, and save his best friend Matt in this exciting adventure.

This is the first book written by Brad Shreffler, and is an exciting tale of action and circumstance. Drawing on his experience as a Language Arts teacher, Shreffler is able to capture the mind of a teenager and put it to paper in a way that is interesting and genuine, while building a world of magic and mystery that is intriguing.

My Thoughts
What I loved about this book was its originality and how the author created new beings of existence The Ori.
Jack is a fifteen year old boy and he sounds like  a fifteen year old. Although he accepts what is happening to him and what he has to do he does so in typical fifteen year old style. It is his job to defeat Bucan and save his family and friends and of course the world, his main priority is the people he cares about.just as any normal fifteen year old would and I liked how he never got big headed about all he had to do and we never lost sight of how young he was. Of course before he can save them he needs to learn how to control his new powers

Pharia was an interesting character who is bound to Jack and is helping him on his journey to save the world but who also learns from Jack about humans and there nature

the book was fast paced with twists and turns along the way that kept me wanting to read more. I was hooked from the first page.

The author wrote this for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I admire the author for writing, Editing and publishing this already (I am still working on mine) I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this year and of course reading the next installment of Jack Wrimo

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