Sunday, 5 August 2012

Time for a new Notebook

The other day I informed my other half I needed a new notebook and watched as despair  filled his eyes after I uttered this simple sentence.
You see when it comes to my writing notebooks I have certain criteria that as to be met and the perfect one is hard to find.
One of my friends called me eccentric when I told her my criteria (You know who you are. Hehe) I probably am and I don't mind one bit, hey it's better than being dull. Right?

So what is this criteria? I mean if its so hard to find I must be asking for the pages to be dipped in gold. That would probably be easy to find.
Until I started my search I thought what I was asking for was fairly straight forward apparently not, so here it is my list of what I expect from a notebook

  • No lines/Blank pages
  • Small enough to fit in my hand bag
  • Ring binder and/or
  • Elastic band

The most important out of this list is the no lines. This may seem strange but for me this is so important. The pages have to be blank. I feel like lines restrict my flow, if I have to write within lines I feel my writing/creativity suffers and I experience writers block if I have a page of lines starring back at me, judging me, laughing at me. Yes I know I may be slightly exaggerated the last part but you get the idea.
for obvious reasons I need it to fit in my hand bag as I take it every where I go, You just never know when inspiration will hit.
I prefer ring binders just because the are easier to hold as you can bend the pages over essentially bending the book in half and the elastic band so I don't have to search for a blank page or I can easily locate the page I am using.
So really I am not asking for much. Or am I?

So after three days of searching and only two pages left in my current notebook I found I had to settle on a less than perfect one. The only criteria it meets is that it as no lines and it fits in my hand bag. I am currently using a ribbon to locate my pages but as it's hard back I cant fold it back. But hey I cant have everything and its better than no notebook.
Next time I wont lose it so late to find a new notebook and I will stock pile so I never have to see the despair in my long suffering boyfriends eyes when I mutter the words "I need a new notebook"

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