Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review; The Sum of Random Chance by Lee Chambers

An eager rookie reporter for a small town paper who stumbles upon a mysterious girl foiling a grocery store robbery. Desperate for success, he sets out to make his name on her unique gift. Is this girl special or are all the magical moments pure coincidence? Do the random choices we make lead us down a path of no return or will he gain a sense of self-worth before he sells her out?

My thoughts

Lee Chambers does it again with another fantastic novel. 

Cole Wilkes is just like any other reporter, trying to get that big story that will shoot him to the top and start binging in the big bucks. probably to pay for his annoying girlfriend Erin's wardrobe.

Cole's life takes a dramatic turn  While waiting in line to pay for grocery's with his girlfriend who he is arguing with. again. The store is held up by robbers, he begins taking picture while hiding away and is shocked when a mysterious girls seems to mesmerise one of the robbers. determined to get his scoop he decides to find out who she is.

Sara is such a lovely girl, the complete opposite to Erin. she will do what ever she can to help those who need it sometimes with kindness, others times with more mysterious ways

Cole as a choice. does he expose Sara and get his scoop or does he honour his friendship.

A beautiful story that teaches the true meaning of what is and isn't important and how the choices we make can no matter how small can have such a big impact on our world

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