Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What should a writer blog about

I have been searching all over the internet to find the answer to this questions? What should a writer blog about? I can sit at my computer all day in the fictional worlds I create, and just lose myself in he writing process. When my three year old allows it of course, but when it comes to writing on my blog I more often than not just find myself starring at the screen waiting for inspiration to take hold and usually just end up shutting it down and vowing to come back tomorrow.
Although I am writing this blog as a sort of diary for my writing and for book reviews I am sure that it would pretty boring for readers just to see the occasional update, which lets face it, is only going to consist of, how much writing I have done lately and how much editing I have done. I still intend to do those updates but a blog needs more substance than that so below are a list of topic (All writing related) that I may blog about.
feel free to leave a comment of other ideas you would find interesting. I am still fairly new at blogging so I am still finding my way around this crazy process. I have found a few cites that recommend writing about the topics below.

Blog topic ideas

What inspires me to write
who are my Favourite authors
what keeps me motivated
where is my Favourite place to write.
what music do I listening to while I write
what are my favourite writing blog's
Am I a plotter or a panster
etc. you get the idea

Its not all going to be about me though I also Intend to do YA author interviews, guest posts and book cover reveals and author promotions so if you know or are a YA author who is interested in doing an interview or are about to release a book please get in touch. I am a huge supporter of Indie authors so will be happy to help promote Indie books or debut Authors.
Of course I will still be doing book reviews which I hope you will check out. my latest review was of city of lost souls by Cassandra Clare and I am currently reading Here (On the otherside) by Denise Grover Swank that I will be reviewing.

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