Monday, 18 June 2012

Music to make the words flow by?

Recently while wondering around the NaNoWriMo forums a came across a forum called NaNo soundtracks with this as the description. From polka to punk, music is the most powerful writing stimulant available without a prescription. What CDs do you rely on for writing inspiration? And what are your characters listening to?
I have never really thought about listening to music while I write before but decided to give it ago, who knows it might even inspire me.
It soon became apparent it wasn't for me. I was far too busy singing along to every word (Much to my families annoyance. I am tone deaf) to really concentrate on writing, I tried everything from Usher to Robbie Williams, Jessie J to Florence and the machine all of it was too distracting, even my sons party album had me up on my feet dancing to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and toes, and it didn't take much persuading from my three year old either.
Am I on my own in this or do other people prefer to lock themselves in a quiet room too? Not that, that happens often around here, there are no quiet rooms with small boy running around.
Or does listening to music really inspire other writers.

I have played a game with my Ipod before now when I get writers block. I put my Ipod onto shuffle and press play, and I write the first line from the song that comes on down and then continue writing from there turning that one line into a story. Try it. see where it takes you Its quite fun and can really open up the creative mind.


loudmouth said...

I myself cannot write whilst listening to music, and thankfully for MY family, I've given up. I have listened to soundtracks that other authors have for their novels. Melissa Marr's is perhaps the most effective, perfectly capturing her novel whilst remaining true to the artist who has sang it. I prefer to compose my own tracks on Sibelius though.

lisa said...

I have seen Authors who have a sound track for there novel and I think its amazing if they can do it but it just isn't me. Glad I am not on my own