Friday, 1 June 2012

I am just over half way through Editing Curious Village (Still not sure on the title) despite that a most of it was wrote late at night and in rush as I was determined to complete it for Nano, I am pleased with the potential it as, it still needs a lot of work and I am sure it will take more than one edit, but once I have polished all the jagged edges I am hoping I will have something worthy of other people reading.
On top of that I am still writing my other WIP, t the moment though I am locked in a battle with one of the characters, an elderly gentleman called Earl who cannot decided whether he wants me to write him good or evil, I really wish he would make up his mind as I cant move forward until he decides, this is the second time this guy as caused me a problem, he wasn't even meant to be a big part of the story but he as somehow managed to worm himself in, pesky characters. the story as changed so much because of him and I have a feeling he isn't done yet, I guess he at least keeps the story fresh and exciting for me too
who knows what else he or any of the other characters have in store, I look forward to finding out.


Marilyn Almodóvar said...

LOL You gotta love freaking wilful characters like that. They can cause havoc, but I think more times than nought they make for an interesting plot twist!

I'm dying to read this mermaid story of yours. It piqued my interest and now I can't wait!!

lisa said...

Oh absolutely I a may feel like pulling my hair out at times but I wouldn't change them voices in my head for the world. lol