Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review; Last Teardrop (The Chronicles of Amber Harris, Book 1) by Elle A. Rose

Living for over two hundred years as an immortal, one usually doesn’t run into others from their past human life, let alone, find out it’s their brother’s new mate. After witnessing a vampire kill her close friend and becoming one, Amber Harris is thrown into a world of secrets, darkness and cravings. Closing her heart off from both love and her new vampire family, she sets off into the world alone. After spending fifty years apart, she reconnects with her family, including the newest member, who happens to be her hot headed vampire brother ‘s new mate. Recognizing the girl from her human past, Amber is convinced her family is in danger. With the news that her brother and mate are thinking about separating from the family, Amber must work quickly to uncover the truth before she and her family lose him forever. 
Welcome to the chronicles of Amber Harris.

My thoughts
I really enjoyed this book. I am a completely hooked on most vampire books and Elle didn't let me down with her take on the vampire world in fact she gave it a fresh new look.

Amber Harris as lived as a vampire for over two hundred years although she does pretty well at blending in as a human even managing to hold down a job.

Elle provides many flash backs into Ambers life which I think helps connect the reader more to Amber and understand her a lot more, also the flash backs become necessary as Amber meets her brothers new mate, surprised that her brother even has a mate considering there past but she is even more surprised when she learns his mate is a girl from her past, a girl who went missing in her village and presumed dead before she became a vampire. Instantly on alert and suspicious of her she is determined to uncover the truth.

I will admit this book had me choked up on a few occasions and laughing out loud on others, my favourite scenes I think were with Amber and her brother there is so much pent up emotions with these two that quite literal nearly every time they are in a scene together things rapidly blow up like an explosion.

I was eager to start reading the next book as soon as I had finished the last sentence, thankfully the next in the series was already sitting in my kindle.

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