Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review; Broken Rules (The Chronicles of Amber Harris, book 2) by Elle A. Rose

Lance Grayson, Amber’s one love has died.
After receiving the startling news of Lance’s death, Amber’s world has shattered. However, being invited to say her final goodbye to her true love, Amber realizes Lance has one last request for her. Understanding Madeline, the grieving widow, knows of her secret life, Amber believes Lance’s final task for her is to aid his family after his departure. As Amber embarks on this new journey, she must rely on Christopher to calm her nagging suspicion that there’s something wrong with Lisa. 
While trying to put aside her bereavement to live with humans, Amber fights with the notion of never loving again. Welcome back to The Chronicles of Amber Harris.

My thoughts
After the cliff hanger at the end of the last Chronicles of Amber Harris Novel I was eager to make a start on Broken Rules. Thankfully I had it ready and waiting.

I again was not disappointed I was instantly drawn back into Amber's world as she begins to help Lance's family put the pieces back together after his death. A friendship begins to form between Amber and Lance's Widow and Amber vows to be always be there for her as she was for Lance.

Amber doesnt believe she will ever love again, she was wrong and I loved to see the love blossom between her and the new man in her life, in typical Amber style she fights with her emotions every step of the way until she can no longer deny what is in her heart. Everything at last seems to be falling into place for Amber, her family is growing and she as love in her heart again.

I loved this book possibly more than the first which I think a lot of Authors struggle to manage but Elle pulled it off flawlessly, of course I am now eagerly awaiting the third installment. I hope I don't have a long wait.

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