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Review; Fissure (Chronicles of the Interred #2) by Marilyn Almodóvar

Baxter Jacobs just survived the worst Sweet Sixteen in history: buried in a coffin, hunted down by assassins, and losing almost everything that mattered to her. She’s ready for some normalcy, but “normal” won’t play any part of this Time Bender’s future.
Now that the immediate threat is over, Baxter learns just how much the English Council expects of the newest Interred. The pressure has her seriously considering her uncle’s offer to take her to New York, especially since she thinks it will keep her Healer, Jack, from overusing his abilities. Knowing the New York Council’s ranks are filled with beings using dark powers, however, makes her hesitate.

Before she can choose, the decision is wrenched from her. Fissures in Time result in a new battle with an old enemy. Someone she thought she’d lost reenters her life, and she’ll discover a web of lies woven into the fabric of Time…lies only she can unravel. Baxter will have to use her growing abilities to try and reveal the truth, even if it forever changes the reality she knows.

There are lies in the fabric of Time only she can unravel...

My thoughts
after Interred I was eager to get my hands on this book and as I never doubted Lyn did not let me down, it amazes me how she can write a book crossing many timelines and not get lost in what she as wrote not only that the but myself as a reader doesn't get lost either, and that says a lot as I have no sense of direction.

Baxter is back and is as snarky as ever and I love her for it, I hope she never changes. we also have the swoony and hunky Jack, he is another of my book boyfriends.

Baxter's journey in this book really as her questioning everything she thought she knew about the people she trusted. her boundaries are pushed and she will do things she can never be proud of and deeply regrets but self preservation is at the utmost of her mind if she wants to protect those she loves.

New characters are introduced in this book and I don't want to give anything away but it throws Baxter for a loop and not much can do that. We also have some of the same beloved (or not) characters from the first book and as Baxter evolve so do their, I think the way Lyn builds characters is amazing you really do feel like you know them... until you don't, they may not make a lot of sense but instead of reading my ramblings you could read the book yourself and find out what I mean.

As in the first book, I still love David, not in the swoony way because he is an elderly gent and that would be just weird, lol but I love him because he is Yorkshire like yours truly ;-)

I could quite literally scream at Lyn for the ending in fact I may have wrote he strongly worded email, however I cannot wait for the third book and hope I don't have to long to wait.

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Marilyn Almodovar said...

Thank you for the review! Not long to wait... I hope so LOL