Sunday, 2 February 2014

Review - A Body Displaced (Lansin Island #2) by Andrew Butcher

Glimpses of another world. Visions of a bloodbath ...

In the aftermath of a shocking murder, Nick and Juliet handle their lives in almost opposite ways. Everything is finally on the up for Nick—full-time work, stronger relationships—and he even has a girlfriend. So when a romantic weekend away turns into a bloodbath, he's left disillusioned ... and with the fear that someone is targeting him.

For Juliet, the things she has witnessed still haunt her, and the deceit she has suffered feels fresh. Struggling to keep her life in order, she attempts to regain confidence by learning to control her ability. Not only that, she tries out something she has avoided for a long time: Dating.

But neither Nick nor Juliet can forget what they experienced together, what they glimpsed of the Otherworld. And as events unfold, it becomes apparent that the Otherworld hasn't forgotten them either ...

My thoughts
I have to confess I read this book a while ago but due to having a new born baby in the house it as taken me a while to write this review so first I feel I should apologise to Andrew for the delay
I had been looking forward to reading book two in the Lansin Island series for some time and I was not disappointed. It was easy to pick the story back up from where “A Death Displaced” left off and I felt reconnected to the characters straight away.
Nick and Juliet are both  likeable characters, I will admit I expected that there would be romance between these two but in actual fact the story started with them apart, living different lives and having different relationships, it was refreshing to see an author not doing what we would expect and I felt this added much more to the story.

In this story Nick is again faced with solving another mystery and again it is personal and time is running out.
Juliet is trying to put behind her all that happened in the previous book and trying to control her powers and block out the unwanted spirits that are invading her life, things never goes as we want them and soon she will find herself dragged back into the world she so wants to run and hide from

I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal/fantasy and mystery and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

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