Thursday, 3 January 2013

MG-YA time travel book challenge

So I am taking part in a book challenge this year reading MG-YA time travel hosted by Dianne and Precious over on Oops! I Read A Book Again blog.
There are so great books in this genre that have sat on my TBR list for a while now so I hope to make a dent in them while I take part

here is a list of books I hope to read as part of the challenge

Interred (Chronicles of Interred #1) by Marilyn Almodovar

hourglass (Hourglass #1) by Myra McEntire

Timepiece (Hourglass #2) by Myra McEntire

Vortex by Julie Cross

Clockwise (Clockwise 1) by Elle Strauss

A Wrinkle In Time (Time #1) by Madeleine L'Engle

Warped by Maurissa Guibord

I am sure I will add to this list as the year goes on but these are the ones that are already in my TBR list

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