Thursday, 3 January 2013


The ladies from TeamNerd Reviews are throwing an AWESOME giveaway in honor of their OBSESSION with the CASTER CHRONICLES by Kami Garcia and Magaret Stohl. The epic romance, the dark battles, the sexy and nerdy male leads (Team Ethan & Team Link!), they just couldn’t keep from falling in love with all four books. In celebration of the movie adaptation coming FEB 13, 2013, as well as the fact that Bridget's wedding anniversary hits the same day the movie comes out, they decided they want to spread their LOVE for the series (and happiness for Bridget's anniversary) to fellow fans of the book! They are giving away a $40 gift card for someone and a plus one to go see the movie!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once the winner is selected, we will mail you out the giftcard. The winner MUST use the gift card ONLY for the movies and has to do the following:
1) Take a picture of yourself and whoever you choose to take with you either inside the movie theater or by the poster of the movie hanging in the theater or with your ticket stubs or all three if you want.
2) Write a post about your experience and send it to us. What did you love about the movie? What did you hate? What were you feeling going in? Whatever! Just tell us about what it was like for you and your friend.

Wishing everyone good luck on the giveaway!

~Annabell + Bridget

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Lindsay said...

Just finished all the books and can't wait to see them come alive on the big screen!