Saturday, 29 December 2012

Review; The Birth of Vengeance by Paul Andrew Ross

Jonathan Harper's hands are soaked in blood and darkness is destroying his soul, but he still has a choice, Human or Vampire? Day or Night? Vengeance or Forgiveness?

Tragedy strikes when rescuing his best friend from a bullying gang. He is hounded out of town and starts a new life in London where he falls in love with Scarlett, but he is targeted by new bullies and mugged and betrayed.

However, Jonathan's life is transformed by Thorn, a beautiful imprisoned vampire, who reveals his Dad's secret research. A formula offering the temporary powers of a vampire for the night. He steals the formula and sets out on a path of revenge, but quickly discovers a life of vampire is far from simple. His murderous dark tendencies horrify him and doubt creeps in.

Thorn, his mentor and lover, drags him deeper into the vampire darkness. However, Scarlett and the Vampire Hunters that chase him could be his way back to the light and normality.

The path of consequences becomes represented in the two women he loves, Scarlett or Thorn? Human or Vampire?


This dark urban fantasy series embarks on an action packed adventure, as Jonathan must face the consequences of his decisions. Is Thorn his dark heroine or his eventual death? A vampire horror story into dark choices.

“The Birth of Vengeance (Vampire Formula #1)” is the first novel in a series of new vampire books.

My thoughts
The Birth of Vengeance was a fresh take on vampire, something few authors are capable of doing.

Jonathan wants nothing more to escape his past and put it behind him when he and his father move from Leeds (I actually squealed that part of this book was set in Yorkshire  he hopes it will be start of a new life. things begin well when he meets Scarlett. he is instantly drawn to her but believes she is far out of his league he is surprised when she seems to want to hang out with him and more so that she could be interested him. things really couldn't be going better until he runs into a new set of bullies.

Jonathan first meets Thorn at his father facility, he had know idea that he had a vampire caged and even less idea that he as a serum that will temporarily give the user vampire powers.

Jonathan embarks on a journey of revenge. Revenge against the bullies in his present and the ones back in leeds. But Jonathan struggles with his decision and he is torn between day Jonathan who wants to go back to his old life and Scarlett and night Jonathan who wants to stay with Thorn and carry on his revenge. both believe there way is the correct way. but which will win.

I enjoyed the new take of the vampire story, I liked how Jonathan was able to get pay back for all the times he had been bullied and the revelations at the end was shocking 

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