Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dear Santa

I have already posted my letter the traditional way but I figured you get millions of letters each year and just in case mine somehow got lost I thought I would write a blog post, you know, in case you decide to take a break from your day to day Christmas duties.

so here it is my Christmas list.

you know me, I am a simple girl I would be happy with the usual things

books (check my Goodreads to read list )

I thought I would add a few extra's on too

more hours in the day
self ironing clothes ( would actually add more hours to my day)
Self cleaning house
for it not to rain every time I pick my son up from pre school
A money growing tree

all the above would be great but the main thing I want is a happy healthy family, I am blessed to have an amazing boyfriend and we have gorgeous son who despite allergies and severe eczema is such a happy and smiley little boy, he brings joy to my heart each day, I don't want to get soppy but he really is the most wonderful thing in my life.
My shining star, just like the one we made for the top of our tree

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