Sunday, 27 May 2012

It as taken me 6 months but I finally feel ready to pick up my Nanowrimo from last November.
Nanowrimo was so intense by the time I finished on December the 1st I didn't think I would ever want to look at the story I wrote ever again, however with a bit of time behind me I have started to become curious and I have decided to edit/try and salvage what I wrote. I am actually quite excited to read through it, I know it started off with promise so I am hoping that despite writing in a sleepy daze for the majority of it that I will be able to fix the many flaws I am sure are there and put together a story worth reading.
despite how I felt about about the story last year it certainly hasn't put me off doing Nano again, as I learn a lot about myself as a writer, although it will depend where I am with my current WIP whether I will take part again this year. regardless whether I take part though I will be cheering all the other Nanowrimo participants on.

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