Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dealing with writers block

Its been a lovely sunny day today In England and that doesn't happen very often so after setting up and dusting off all my sons out door toys and making sure his new trampoline had really been assembled properly by me other half (you can never be too sure) I put on our shoes grabbed my laptop and tumbled out into the garden.
I was actually able to write a big chunk of the chapter I have been struggling on, the unexpected nice weather seems to have freed the block that was in my mind, plus having my son jumping on his trampoline instead of me helped lets just hope the rest of the week stays the same I could be finished a lot sooner than I first imagined. I wont hold out much hope though, this is England after all.

How do other writers deal with there witers block, a friend of mine was recently struggling with her second book so she closed her laptop and cleaned the house and did the washing, sure enouh today I recieved an email saying she had figured it out and she was back to writing we all have our own ways maybe i will give that a try sometime *coughs*

I used to run to help clear my mind and work out any plot troubles I was having, that isn't always possible now a days the only running I do is after a three year old.

Maybe other people could offer there suggestions. I'll try anything, within reason.

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